Sunday Runday: Frozen Face Club


January 7th, 2018

Today was Thick Quad Squad’s first run of 2018! Southern Maine was still in the grips of a month-long spell of temperatures plunging into the negatives. Our 8:30am start at Coffee by Design proved no exception as four brave souls laced up for a group run with the thermometers reading -10°F. At this point I should mention that Squad Founder and all around awesome human being Chelsea Peterson could not be with us as she was kicking butt at the Bandera 100k down in Texas. A place where as she put it, “The air doesn’t hurt my face!”

Back in Maine Cade, Scott, Michael, and Fitz snapped a quick group photo before the cold temps could kill our batteries and then set off along our Southern route. The first mile proved challenging as unplowed ankle-deep snow slowed us to a single file trotting conga line. Once we made it over to Veranda Street things opened up and we were able to run side by side up Route One towards our destination of Mackworth Island. It was clear that no Strava records were going to be set in the brutally cold and slippery conditions and so we made the choice to suffer through our miles together. As our feet crunched over the packed snow we took up many fun topics to pass the time including: what vegetarians can eat during ultramarathons (Salty rice balls), whether or not running under the arc of snow shot out of the sidewalk snow removal tractor could be considered a “Shower of Power,” winter hiking lessons we’ve learned on the trails of the AMC 4000 footers, and various running related goals that we want to accomplish in 2018.

We made it out to Mackworth Island and turned back for our return voyage to CBD; this time opting to travel the longer, but safer way around Back Cove Boulevard. The view was incredible as the bright sun illuminating the sea smoke pouring up from the water, and we almost forgot about how cold it was until we pulled off our balaclavas. All four of our beards had frozen into a solid mass of white ice. When we got back we snapped another photo of our frozen beards which made us look like we had aged about 30 years on our 8.5-mile run, and headed inside for some amazing coffee and food! Stay safe and warm friends and as always happy trails!